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Reflective Address Markers
Reflective Address Markers

How quickly could we find your house in an EMERGENCY?

In an emergency, a few seconds can make a life-saving difference to a police officer, firefighter or rescue squad worker. Could we find your house quickly, with the proper street style address prominently displayed and visible to passing vehicles? It is not only good sense, it is the law in Albemarle County and in the Town of Scottsville to have your correct address displayed on a easily visible sign.

Download the order form and mail in with your $15 donation today!

Even if you currently use a post office box for mail delivery, it is essential that you display a easily visible street style address. If you have questions about your address.  Please read the following legal guidelines and check your address numbers TODAY!  The signs we are selling at SVRS meet these Albemarle County legal requirements.

· Address numbers shall be displayed at the primary access entrance on a mailbox, post, fence or other suitable location that is easily discernible from the road. If the structure is one hundred feet or less from the road, the entrance door of the structure is clearly visible from the road, and there is no other suitable location at the primary access entrance, address numbers shall be displayed on, above, or at the side of the main entrance door.· The address number shall be displayed as numerals and shall not be spelled out.

· The numerals displayed shall be at least three (3) inches in height on a contrasting background.

· If the mailbox is not located on the named road from which the number has been assigned, the entire address (number and road name) shall be shown on that mailbox to avoid confusion.

· Any numbers previously displayed, which could be confused with or mistaken for the assigned address number, shall be removed from the mailbox and property.

· Numbers shall be properly maintained by the property owner to make sure that they remain readable from the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Albemarle County Ordinance on address marking?
A. Each resident is responsible for marking their address with correct numbers 3” or larger on a contrasting color background visible from the road.

Q. Do the SVRS provided signs comply with the Albemarle County Ordinance?
A. Yes. The numbers are highly reflective, 4” high and on a contrasting reflective blue background for maximum visibility from the road for quick identification by Rescue, Fire, and Police.

Q. I am unable to install my sign due to a handicap or advanced age. Will you install it for me?
A. Yes, in our “First Call” area we will install it for you. Please indicate your need on your order form in writing.

Q. My address is five numbers. Can my sign have five numbers 4” high?
A. If the sign can be mounted horizontally, yes. If your sign must be mounted vertically we can make your sign with 3” numbers.

Q. Where can I get an order blank for a sign?
A. You may down load one right now at  order form .  Or, you may pick one up at our station at 805 Irish Road or at the Scottsville Library or at the Town of Scottsville Office on Valley Street or the Scottsville Post Office Lobby.

Q. I do not have a rural mail box. Where should I mount my sign?
A. The very best place will be on a post you install at your driveway entrance.

Q. Are the numbers on both sides of the sign?
A. Yes. The sign should be mounted so the numbers are visible from both directions.

Q. There is a cluster of mail boxes at the entrance to our lane. How should my sign be mounted?
A. The very best place will be on a post you install at your driveway entrance.

Q. My rural mail box is on the opposite side of the road from my driveway. Where should I mount my sign?
A. The very best place will be on a post you install at your driveway entrance.

Q. I live in Buckingham or Fluvanna. How do I get a County sign?
A. Call the appropriate County Office and they will direct you.

Support SVRS and make your house number more visible by participating in our Reflective Address Marker Fundraiser. Address markers are just $15. Remember, we can't help you if we can't find you!

Community members can pick up their signs at the SVRS building on Irish Road. We will call you at the phone number you provide when your sign is ready for pickup.

Questions can be directed to the President at president@svrs.org

Download the order form and mail in your donation today!