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Fund Drive
Fund Drive

Our members of the Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad thank you for your continued support.

 Although the time of our volunteers is free, the equipment, facilities, and continued training we need to provide state-of-the-art service are not. The costs of equipment, fuel, vehicle maintenance and utilities for our building continue to rise. Albemarle County has been able to support over one-half the cost of providing our emergency services, but the rest depends on community support. While Albemarle County is now billing for transport to the hospital, these charges are less than one third of the cost to provide the service. We will never refuse treatment or transport to anyone who is unable to pay. Our first priority is the health and well being of the citizens we serve.

We hope you share in our sense that anyone needing emergency medical help should have it and that you will consider supporting us to achieve this goal, either with your financial support or with you time as a volunteer, or both.
Donations may be mailed anytime to the Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, PO Box 550, Scottsville, VA 24590-3988.

The Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad is a 501-C3 non-profit organization.  All contributions are deductible as a charitable contribution.