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EMT's Information and Tips
EMT's Information and Tips

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Lifepak 15 monitor/defibrillator


Whisper Flow CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)
Credit to CARS for this presentation.

Fixed Flow Generator produces a constant flow at 30% oxygen, ideal for ambulances and transports where O2 depletion is a concern


Question:  What important step does he not address on this video?

EMS1.com  (A website offering information and tips of interest to EMTs)




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 Focused History in Emergency Conditions/medical (mnemonic: SAMPLE)

S = signs and symptoms
A = allergies
M = medications
P = pertinent past medical history
L = last oral intake
E = events leading up to.

 Things to look for in head-to-toe survey for trauma (mnemonic: DCAP - BTLS)

D = deformity
C = contusions
A = abrasions
P = punctures/penetrations

B = burns
T = tenderness
L = lacerations
S = swelling.

Causes of altered mental status

A = alcohol
E = epilepsy, electrolytes
I = infection
O = overdose
U = urea

T = trauma
I = insulin
P = Psychiatric
S = Sepsis, shock

Criteria to define SIMPLE Febrile seizure

A Simple Febrile seizure is defined as a seizure in a FEBRILE child aged 6 months to 60 months and without:
S = Seizure of focal type
I = Intracranial infection
M = Multiple times a day
P = Past history of afebrile seizure
L = Last longer than 15 minutes
E = Examination abnormalities