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Falling TVs can kill.
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Falling TVs can kill.

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It's Christmas and a lot of beautiful flat screen TVs are coming into our homes replacing our older TVs.
The new flat screen TVs are lighter but top heavy.  The older TVs are heavier and often put on unstable surfaces when the new flat screen is brought into the house.  Children are prone to climb up on furniture to get things and pull the heavy TV and the furniture over on them.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 29 people in the USA, mostly children, were killed in 2011 by falling TVs.  And, that more than 200 children have been killed by falling TVs since 2000.  More than 18000 people a year are treated for injuries from falling TVs and most of these are children.

 All TVs, flat and older, should be secured to the wall or proper TV stands.  Older TVS should be located as low as possible if unable to anchor them.  Remove any articles from the top of the furniture that might attract a child.

For more information go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site.