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Res-Q Trailer Field Training Exercise Information
Res-Q Trailer Field Training Exercise Information
All SVRS Personnel:

Sunday, September 20, 2015 Field Training Exercise with Res-Q Trailer

While a call for this capability could come anytime during the year, Deer Hunting season kicks off with archery season on the first Saturday in October and will continue with muzzle loading the first two weeks of November and finally firearms season until first week of January in our area. Virginia now allows Sunday hunting on private land so that means that weekends are more likely times for hunting accident calls to include falls from deer stands, GSW, chest pains, etc., etc.. But, this type call could come at any time for any crew.

Each class required two or more SVRS members and/or candidates who are NOT the duty crew.

In 2015 the class was a hands on performance oriented field training exercise and consisted of a realistic scenario that I gave the senior person designated as the crew chief. Basically, it required the crew to inspect the unit for readiness, hookup the 711 trailer to the towing vehicle (either 708 or 703), drive to a scene location provided, removing the ATV and off road trailer, properly assemble the trailer, hook it up to the ATV, and respond to the remote location to recover the patient and return to the vehicle location and finally SVRS. All this while under the supervision of the crew chief who is doing the instruction as needed. I was  there observing and we conducted an after action review once back at SVRS. Certifications were provided.

Scenario:  Sunday, September 20, A hunter fell 12 feet from a deer stand and has back pain and possible broken leg.

1400-1600   Crew Chief:  Catherine Winslow,  Member:  Chiron Paugh,   Member: Andre Lewis

Sunday, September 20, 2015 training went well

Scenario:  Saturday, September 26,  A Horse Back rider was thrown and has a broken arm and back pain.

1000-1200  Crew Chief  Lisa Collins, Kelli Thornhill, and Guests were the  Chief North Garden Vol Fire Department, George Stephens and Captain Tim Falwell.

Saturday training also went well and was pretty realistic and not too wet from the rain!

Chief Stephens, AKA Chief 30 on the radio,
and Capt Falwell ,North Garden Fire Department
  The patient.

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Field Training Exercise with Res-Q Trailer

Questions?  Contact me via e-mail at jbowers7200@gmail.com.